Pre-biotics skin prepartions
What we incorporate in our skin culture nourishment:

Minerals from liquid gemstone extracts for oligotherapy:
vital contributors to personal health, trace elements are essential for cutaneous balance: sourced from the earth !
Aloe vera rubout gel:
fantastic base with adaptogenic and balancing mucilage gel
Opuntia ficus rubout gel:
bio-available amino acids, peptides and spore-elements in the mucilage gel
Virgin coconut water:
deep affinity with the 3 layers of the human skin and the optimal dissolved oleo-components (fatty in nature) and in that respect tremendously complementary with from their natural origin oleo-poor mucilages of aloe vera and opuntia
Inulin, oligofructoses and galacto oligosaccharides from chicory root (FOS and GOS):
the cornerstone of your skin microbiome's nutrition !